Tissue Requests and Services

For Dutch Clinics

Corneal Tissue requests by Dutch Clinics

In order to request a corneal transplant from Amnitrans Eyebank (AER) for a transplant surgery in a Dutch clinic, patients should be registered in the database of the Dutch transplant foundation (Nederlandse Transplantatie Stichting; NTS). NTS keeps track of the waiting list. NTS will redirect the tissue request to AER. AER will offer a cornea fitting the request. If accepted, the tissue will be further processed upon request.

Amniotic Membrane Tissue Requests by Dutch Clinics

Amniotic membranes can be ordered directly from AER via the Donor Tissue Request Form.

Urgent Delivery within the Netherlands

If urgent delivery is required, please contact us by phone at 010 297 4444. For urgent delivery additional costs may be charged, to cover transportation costs by courier or taxi. Tissues can be delivered within 4 to 24 hours within the Netherlands.

For Non-Dutch Clinics

Corneal and Amniotic Membrane Tissue Requests by Foreign Clinics

For patients that will be operated on in other countries than the Netherlands, please contact AER directly by filling out the tissue request form. As soon as we have received your request, we will confirm receipt of it and look for a suitable donor tissue. (If you don’t get a confirmation on the next business day, we did not receive your request so please in that case contact us.) If an HLA-typed cornea is needed, the patient will be included in the central matching procedure for Dutch donor corneas / patients.

For Questions or Ordering Tissue:

Prices, Terms and Conditions

Prices are available upon request. The supply of human tissues is not subjected to VAT (BTW) (Article 132(1d) EU Directive 2006/112). By ordering tissue, you agree with our Terms & Conditions.